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10 Channel Multiplexer

A multiplexer is a very important component of any radiometer sensor. Measurement results for a multiplexer for a direct detection radiometer for operations between 49 and 75 GHz is plotted here. This is a radiometer for atmospheric temperature profiling.

A multiplexer determines frequency of operation for individual radiometer channels. It has to be small, economical and provide repeatable performance across the produced parts.

The plot is a comparison of the measured and simulated performance of a 10 channel multiplexer. The dotted lines are simulation, solid lines are measurement.

Overall very good agreement between the model and measurement is shown. The individual filters center frequency, bandwidth and insertion losses follow the simulations very closely.

The multiplexer was designed, fabricated and tested at our facility.

A 10 channel multiplexer for 49-75 GHz radiometer channel selection