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Our company, Boulder Environmental Sciences and Technology, has a very experienced staff involved in the area of microwave remote sensing, and particularly in microwave radiometer development, for decades. We have developed and operated instrumentation either on ground or on a flying machine, or on a ship. We build microwave radiometers in every radiometric band practical for use in terrestrial observation. If there is a radiometer that can be designed, developed, and made practical, we can build it.

Profiling Radiometer for Atmospheric and Cloud Observation
Boulder Environmental Sciences and Technology (BEST) is developing several new radiometers for environmental monitoring: a Profiling Radiometer for Atmospheric and Cloud Observation PRACO, a Marine Profiling Radiometer MPR, and an Autonomous Profiling Radiometer. These instruments use novel design approaches that aim to remove the user completely from supervision and allow all-weather operation, data collection, and retrievals.
In cooperation with the Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) we are working on a design of a Hyperspectral Microwave Sensor.

3D Prints
The full scale 3D prints of the newly designed 150 and 183 GHz dual polarization radiometers
The full scale 3D prints of the newly designed 150 and 183 GHz dual polarization radiometers are shown. The 150 GHz dual polarization radiometer is on the left and 183 GHz dual polarization radiometer on right. A US penny coin is shown for a comparison. These are complete dual polarization radiometers including antennas with 5° beamwidth, ortho-mode tranducers (OMTs), and a full receiver for each polarization. The output of the receivers are analog signals from the detectors for each band, see the full specification here. The radiometers have 2 and 5 channels for 150 GHz and 183 GHz bands respectively.

Our Mission:

Microwave Absorption Spectrum
Microwave Absorption Spectrum
Boulder Environmental Sciences and Technology was founded in 2006 with the goal of producing radiometers that are practical, user friendly, reliable, and easy to use. The founders of BEST have decades of experience working in various field applications of passive microwave remote sensing. Ours is a comprehensive experience: from theoretical channels selections, to radiometer hardware design, assembly, control and data acquisition software, field deployment, operations, calibrations, and data analysis. We believe these sensors, the radiometers, can be and should be designed to be Reliable, Autonomous, Integrated, Simple, Easy to use, and Sturdy. In our designs, we strive for RAISES Radiometers. We use innovative approaches to radiometer receiver designs, modes of operation, environmental protection, calibration, and data retrievals, while striving to make it easy for our customer by removing him/her from instrument supervision and minimizing maintenance requirements. Our goal is to provide customers with the reliable measurements of environmental variables they desire while aiming for an economical instrument, not only with respect to initial costs, but also to operational expenses.

BEST Products

The Future of Radiometry Fits Into Your Hand

The emergence of new environmental observation platforms such as aerial drones and small satellites, and the requirements for remotely located observations, e.g. from buoys, have pushed conventional radiometer design to its limits. These applications require a new approach to radiometer design, with an emphasis on small, integrated, low power radiometer units that provide robust and reliable performance for an affordable price.

150 GHz Dual Polarization, Two Channels Radiometer

..the smallest on the market, has two channels in the atmospheric window between the 118 GHz oxygen absorption line and the 183 GHz water vapor absorption line..

3D Prints
3D prints of 150 & 183 GHz dual polarization radiometers

Integrated 183 GHz Dual Polarization, Five Channels Radiometer

..the smallest on the market, has five channels on the upper wing of the 183.31 GHz water vapor absorption line...

Profiling Radiometer for Atmospheric and Cloud Observation

..world’s smallest microwave radiometer, yet it covers all of the important sounding bands in the microwave spectrum bellow 200 GHz..

80 & 89 GHz Filters for Direct Detection Radiometers

..one of the crucial components of a direct detection radiometer is a filter which determines the operational band where the radiometer channel is sensitive to the observed scene...

Other Products

Data Acquisition Board for Environmental Measurements

..small, consume low power, and provide a number of A/D input channels with very good resolution, multitude of digital inputs and outputs, data storage, connectivity options..

Marine Profiling Radiometer

..provide water vapor and temperature profiles and communicate the data in a user-specified format to a remote base terminal..

Microwave Radiometer Systems

  • Polarimetric Scanning Radiometer System
  • Ground-based Scanning Radiometer

  • Profiling Microwave Radiometers

    ..build for different water vapor and oxygen absorption lines, thus allowing sensing under various environmental conditions..

    Antennas and Microwave Components

    ..antennas, mixers, local oscillators, low noise amplifiers, receiver subassembly..

    Atmospheric Window Microwave Radiometers

    ..microwave radiometers with channels in atmospheric windows, suitable for observation of surface parameters and also atmospheric phenomena such as rain, cloud particles..

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    Our Experience:

    All BEST personnel have decades of experience with radiometer development, installation, operating, and maintenance. In past decades we have designed, built, and operated radiometers on various aircraft, including unmanned vehicles and dirigibles. We also participated in ground based and ship based experiments with our instrumentation and thus we are keenly aware of the potential problems and challenges that harsh environments can present to scientific instrument, and in particular, radiometers. We are also intimately familiar with data acquisition, processing, and retrieval challenges.

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